Onebridge is hiring a Data Analyst/Developer who will design and develop user interfaces and data visualizations for analytics. This role is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

R/Shiny Programmer | Quick Summary

You are passionate about telling stories with data and can drive the development process from the initial prototype through the implementation of the final product. You will design and develop data-driven, dynamic user-facing interactive tools with high-performing responsiveness, usability, and visual appeal. You will be utilizing your expert knowledge of analysis tools, primarily R. You will also be integrating JavaScript into R to make HTML widget packages.

You will be asked to create HTML widget packages to use at the R console for data analysis just like conventional R plots. You will be asked to embed them within R Markdown documents. You will incorporate them into Shiny web applications as needed. The HTML widgets might also need to be saved as standalone web pages for ad-hoc sharing via email, etc.

R Programmer | Required Skills

  • 5+ years of R development
  • An understanding of Agile/Scrum development and a collaborative, proactive attitude.
  • Enterprise experience required
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript
  • Strong experience with data analysis and data prototyping
  • Expertise with developing HTML widget packages

R Programmer | Desired Skills

  • Fluent in CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Experience connecting front-end interfaces with SQL or NoSQL
  • Experience implementing web services (SOAP and RESTful)
  • D3.js is preferred
  • Fluency in other complementary JavaScript-based tools and frameworks or scripting language
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools
  • Enterprise experience, healthcare, pharma, biotechnology experience is a bonus