Onebridge is a Consulting firm with an HQ in Indianapolis, and clients dispersed throughout the United States and beyond. We have an exciting opportunity for a highly skilled Sr. Data Science Solution Architect specializing in Healthcare Data to join an innovative and dynamic group of professionals at a company rated among the top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis since 2015.

Sr. Data Science Solution Architect | About You

As a Sr. Data Science Solution Architect, you are responsible for leading the vision, driving solutions, and collaborating with executive-level leadership to deliver scalable, efficient, and reliable solutions. Known for your thoughtful leadership, you excel in setting priorities and motivating team members while mentoring and influencing others. Your ability to review, critique, and suggest technical solution adjustments is unmatched. You have a solid background in data science, machine learning, and software architecture, with a specific focus on designing and implementing data-driven solutions within the healthcare industry. Leveraging a deep understanding of advanced ML techniques, you guide the selection and application of appropriate models for healthcare use cases. Your expertise in designing architecture, creating model designs, and providing guidance will be pivotal in driving innovation and optimizing healthcare processes.

Sr. Data Science Solution Architect | Day-to-Day

  • Provide advisory and thought leadership for all aspects of ML/AI, including feasibility assessments, technical roadmaps, and strategic planning for integrating AI technologies into healthcare workflows.
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, software engineers, and domain experts, to understand project requirements, data availability, and business objectives, while also mentoring and influencing team members and reviewing technical solutions.
  • Lead the development and implementation of machine learning models and algorithms to extract insights and drive decision-making in healthcare applications.
  • Create detailed architecture design documents outlining the technical components, data flows, integrations, and security measures of ML/AI solutions.
  • Work closely with data engineers to ensure the availability and quality of data required for training and validating ML models, considering healthcare data privacy and security requirements.
  • Evaluate and adopt cutting-edge ML/AI technologies and frameworks to drive innovation in healthcare, providing technical leadership in the process.

Sr. Data Science Solution Architect | Skills & Experience

  • 15+ years of experience working as a Data Scientist, Solution Architect, or similar role.
  • Advanced experience working with Generative AI and emerging AI Solutions.
  • Skilled in establishing credibility and building rapport with Technical and Business stakeholders to increase collaboration and solution adoption.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing machine learning models for healthcare applications, such as predictive analytics, clinical decision support systems, or personalized medicine.
  • Exposure to Cerner solutions, healthcare data standards (HL7, FHIR), healthcare workflows, and data privacy regulations (HIPAA).
  • Solid grasp of the ML model lifecycle, from data preparation and feature engineering to model selection, training, evaluation, and deployment.
  • Experience with architecture design documents, technical roadmaps, and business socialization.
  • Proficiency in using ML frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, sci-kit-learn) and languages (Python, R) for model development and experimentation.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, with the ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions.

A Best Place to Work in Indiana, since 2015.